Omnia Security, the product of twenty years of experience in the security business, was created to satisfy any kind of inquires and troubleshooting by providing targeted and timely solutions; With a view to a constantly developing market, Omnia Security provides innovative services, guided by highly professional staff and supported by the most advanced technologies. A sense of security and safety, ensure the well-being that today , no one wants to give up“. OMNIA SECURITY success comes from proposing tailor-made solutions, combining breakthrough technologies and  continuous updating of their personnel knowledge. Why would you choose Omnia Security? Omnia Security Srls  acts in our client’s best interest differently than other traditional companies; Identifies and chooses the trust company from their own NETWORK specialized in their field of SAFETY , which fully meets the customer’s needs , offering the best solution is technical , economic and operational in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the customer. We are artisans of Security.

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Omnia Security is a company that deals with security at 360 degrees , and , thanks to close cooperation with leading companies in the industry , has the professional skills necessary for a coordinated management of a wide range of services , such as:

  • Private Security
  • Safetety Plant
  • Fiduciary Services (concierge , security guard, access control)
  • Investigations
  • Computer Investigazions
  • Debt Collection

Omnia Security ensures the economic and organizational advantage of a single source , in the form of the concept of Global Services , having signed trade agreements with the best companies in the market. Omnia Security acts in our clients’ best interestselecting the ideal partner to complement the best techniques, economic and operational solutions , guaranteeing service throughout the country.

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